Watermelom Seeds


New specie of high resistance to fusarium wilt. High quality, high yield. Middle & early maturing. 
The whole growth period is around 90 days, with mature period 30 days after blossom. Oval shape, color in dark green. Red pulp and good taste and juic. Sugar content above 12 degree. Single fruit around 10kg, and to 20kg max. 90000kg/ha 
Vigorous growth, suitable good fruit setting ability. Wide adaptability, suitable for storage and transport. 
Highly resistant to fusarium wilt, anthracnose, virus disease, early blight and late blight.


Vigorous growth, good fruit setting ability. Big fruit from 8kg, to 23kg max. High and stable yield, 90000kg/ha. Sugar contact 12% with super taste.
Resistance to drought and moisture. Suitable for storage and transport. 
High resistance to fusarium wilt, with anti-anthracnose property. Red pulp good taste. 
Successive planting tolerance, moderate continuous planting. 
The whole growth period is around 95 days, with mature period 35 days after blossom. 
Weigh 95g/1000 seeds.  Main type in north China.